What is a Tasmanian Devil – What Kind of Mammal is a Tasmanian Devil

People sometimes wonder what is a Tasmanian devil. May be they know that it’s a mammal because it looks like one what they probably don’t know is that the Tasmanian devil is marsupial mammal. The devil belongs to the family Dasyuridae. A Dasyuridae is a marsupial family which comprises as many as 75 living species in total. Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) is one of those animals that has pouch to carry babies. A pouch is a fold of skin found in females only. It has a single opening to the rear and it primarily covers the nipples. Let us explore more as to what type of animal is a Tasmanian devil.

What is a Tasmanian Devil? – What Species is a Tasmanian Devil and How it is Different from other Marsupials

Marsupial Mammal

  • Tasmanian devils are marsupial mammals.
  • While kangaroos have pouch that opens to the front, the devil’s pouch opens to the rear.
  • The female is unable to observe her babies while they are in the pouch.

The Biggest Marsupial Carnivore

  • Tasmanian devil is probably one of the few marsupials that rely on meat almost exclusively.
  • They will consume small baby kangaroo alive although devils mostly feed on carcasses.
  • Devils are highly specialized scavengers.
  • They are the biggest of the marsupials that eat meat only.
  • Devils are pretty much the vacuum cleaners of the forest as they consume just about anything of dead animal.
  • Tasmanian devils are nearly the size of a small dog.
what is a tasmanian devil
The devil has got the most powerful bite in respect to its mass.

Highly Aggressive and Noisy Animal

  • Devils are truly aggressive and they are also infamous for their bite.
  • They aren’t really threatening to humans.
  • They have got the strongest of the bites in respect to their overall size.
  • Their keen sense of smell makes them even more threatening to animals the size of their own.
  • Tasmanian devils are short-tempered noisy animals. They will often utter loud screeching sounds and if you hold them with their tail they’ll probably behave like an irritating crying baby.

What is a Tasmanian Devil – What Species is a Tasmanian Devil

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The reason why I chose Tasmanian devil was not because it's the world's largest carnivorous marsupial but due to the fact that it is one of those carnivores that is ready to kill on a moment's notice. I'll be looking into this dog-like beast to know why it behaves the way it does about certain things.