What Is A Micro Bernedoodle?

If you are looking to buy or adopt a dog for the first time, it can be not very clear with the amount of breeds and crossbreeds available. One species that has been attracting several customers in recent times is bernadoodle. 

A bernadoodle is essentially a cross between a Bernese mountain dog and a poodle. To create a bernedoodle, you can use a medium, standard, or even a mini poodle. Accordingly, the puppy will either be a standard bernadoodle or a mini bernedoodle.

 If you want a dog that stays under 50 pounds, a micro bernadoodle is your best bet. They usually vary in size from 15-30 pounds. Irrespective of the breeds, a bernadoodle is known to be one of the more popular dog breeds and is in demand. If you’re also curious, you can check out this article on when a Bernedoodle is full grown.

What Are Some Main Characteristic Traits Of A Bernadoodle?

If you are looking forward to petting one, here are some things you should know about a micro bernedoodle. For starters, you must understand its temperament.  Bernadoodles are born with the best attributes of both a poodle and a Bernese. 

They are goofy, fun-loving, affectionate, social, and highly confident dogs. If you have children or elderly people at your house, this dog breed is the best one to have around. They can easily judge the likes and dislikes of a person and will never deliberately misbehave. This quality makes them the perfect candidates for service and therapy dogs. 

Other than that, they are obedient, making it easier to train them. Much like Alsatians and Labradors, they do not shy away from hard work and are rather eager to exercise and play around. That said, one very important thing you must remember before getting a bernadoodle is that they are very social dogs. 

This means keeping them in an outside kennel or away from family can negatively impact their mood. They always want to be part of the family and around people. This is one way they can be a bit high maintenance. Like with any other puppy, it is best if you start training a bernadoodle early. 

What Are Some Things to Know about a Bernadoodle’s Coat?

No two bernadoodles can have the same coat, which further means taking care of each is going to be different. There are mainly two kinds of coats, one which is curlier and another which is straighter. While straight hair is more susceptible to shed, curlier and wavy hair has minimum to no hair shedding problems. 

That said, it is very rare for a bernadooodle to have straight hair. They mainly inherit their coat quality from poodles, making them curly or wavy. Shedding hair can cause allergies in owners and further lead to several breathing and skin problems with time. 

So if you are someone who can form an allergy, it is better if you choose a wavier coated bernadoodle. This will help prevent any allergic reaction to you. If your dog has a shedding problem, you can brush their hair at least to make shedding less noticeable. 

The most common colors of bernadoodles are black, brown, and black, black-white or a tai-color. Although infrequent, tai is a mixture between brown, black, and white. Some other colors are chocolate, brindle, sable, merle, and phantom.

Either way, you will need to get their hair clipped every couple of months. You can always hire professional help for such instances. 

Some Health Issues You Should Know About Before Petting A Bernadoodle

Bernadoodles are usually healthier than their parent’s breeds and can live anywhere from 14-16 years. This is mainly because cross-breeding significantly reduces the risk of diseases. However, since this breed has not been around for long, they are prone to a number of health issues if not cared for properly. 

The most common ailments to show are elbow and hip dysplasia and certain eye problem. They should always be tested for these problems, along with cancer, which is quite common in several breeds of dogs. 

Even though it is quite hard to prevent these ailments with age, you should make sure that you take your dog out on walks regularly. Along with that, you should also follow a strict but healthy diet. That said, the primary consideration is emotional health.

Bernadoodles are a very emotionally dependant breed of dogs. Whatever the case, you must not make it feel unwanted or uncared for. This will affect their emotional state, further giving rise to emotional as well as physical problems.  

In Conclusion

That said, mini bernadoodles are some of the most obedient and fun-loving dog breeds there are. With one, you will surely find a partner in crime as well as a friend to just gel with. Make sure you keep in mind the information mentioned here to ensure a good and healthy life for your dog. For more information about doodles, you can visit We Love Doodles.

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