Tasmanian Devil Size – How Big Do Tasmanian Devils Get?

Tasmanian devil isn’t only the Australia’s largest marsupial that exclusively eats meat—it is the world’s biggest living carnivore marsupial, and so it should be. Devils are primarily known for their short-tempered temperament and character. The average Tasmanian devil size is about 25 inches but it generally depends on the particular habitat as well as the food availability. Let us see in detail how big do Tasmanian devils get in their natural habitat and what size do males and females attain.

Tasmanian Devil Size – How Big Do Tasmanian Devils Get?

how big do tasmanian devils get
Tasmanian devils photographed at Australia Zoo in Beerwah

Adult males are usually larger than the females with their head-body length reaching about 25.7 inches. Devils have 10.2 inches long tail. Devils have a length ranging from 20 to 30 inches. Devils inhabiting western Tasmania are thought to be smaller than the rest of population possibly due to lack of food.

The average body length of an adult female is estimated at 22 inches with the tail adding up to 9.6 inches. Adult females aren’t only slightly smaller than the males but they are less aggressive too.

While more than half of Tasmanian devil’s babies do not survive up to maturity, those who do, they reach their full size in the second year following the birth.

Males 652 mm 258 mm
Females 570 mm 254 mm

Tasmanian Devil Size – Video

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