Tasmanian Devil Predators – What Eats Tasmanian Devils?

Do you have any idea about Tasmanian devil predators? We are going to tell you what eats Tasmanian devils in the wild. Tasmanian devils do not seem to have any natural predators in the wild precisely because it is the biggest of the marsupial carnivores. Furthermore, Tasmanian is not home to many potential predators except for dingoes or possibly red fox. Adult devils are strong enough to protect themselves against predators but young devils likely vulnerable to wild animals.

Tasmanian Devil Predators – What Eats Tasmanian Devils?

Leaving humans aside, Tasmanian devils do not really feel threatened by predators. Baby Tasmanian devils are highly susceptible to predators particularly when they are inside the pouch. However, baby devils do not leave the pouch until when they reach 100 days of age.

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Before thylacine became extinct, it was thought to take on Tasmanian devil’s pups from its den. But it’s probably too early to conclude if thylacine was really a natural predator of Tasmanian devil back then. Currently, there are no evidences which suggest that dingoes and red foxes actively hunt Tasmanian devil pups.

Tasmanian Devil Predators – Video

The reason why I chose Tasmanian devil was not because it's the world's largest carnivorous marsupial but due to the fact that it is one of those carnivores that is ready to kill on a moment's notice. I'll be looking into this dog-like beast to know why it behaves the way it does about certain things.