How Many Babies Do Tasmanian Devils Have? – Reproduction Facts

Do you know how many babies do Tasmanian devils have at one time? Tasmanian devils lay 20 to 30 live young at one time but they can produce as many as 40 babies. Female devil will produce her first litter at two years of age. They become fertile only once every 365 days. Let’s see some more interesting facts about Tasmanian devil reproduction and how many of these babies can survive up to adulthood.

How Many Babies Does a Tasmanian Devil Have at First?

No wonder Tasmanian devils are highly reproductive but since female is unable to milk that many babies at the same time, young devils must compete right from the birth. Like wombats, Tasmanian devil female cannot see their babies while they are in the pouch because pouch opens to the rear. It’s not possible for a mother to observe her newborn young and feed them fairly. Therefore, the newborn devils are on their own but they grow pretty quickly inside the pouch.

Dig Deeper: Tasmanian Devil Pouch

Most devils die early on in their lives. Males likely produce 16 babies in its entire lifetime whereas females can give birth to 12 live. Tasmanian devils have a pretty high pregnancy rate in that 80% of females are mostly seen with their infants.

How Many Babies Do Tasmanian Devils have? – Video

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The reason why I chose Tasmanian devil was not because it's the world's largest carnivorous marsupial but due to the fact that it is one of those carnivores that is ready to kill on a moment's notice. I'll be looking into this dog-like beast to know why it behaves the way it does about certain things.