Do Tasmanian Devils Eat Humans? – Devil Human Relationship

Many people wonder do Tasmanian devils eat humans in the wild? People usually thought of Tasmanian devil as a typical devil that will take on humans. But this isn’t quite true since devils are only the size of a small kangaroo. How can they possibly kill someone (such as humans) which is four to five times the size of their own? Nonetheless, devils are scavengers too and they fancy feeding on carrion. Tasmanian devils will consume carrion including human corpses.

Do Tasmanian Devils Eat Humans? – Are Tasmanian Devils Dangerous to Humans?

Tasmanian devils aren’t really threat to humans unlike like big cats such as tigers or lions are but why do people believe that devils eat humans. Devils can eat dead human flesh or carrion if they find one but they do not take on living humans. According to some people, Tasmanian devils eat people when they walk into the bush. This might be true for tigers or leopards but it just doesn’t stand to logic for Tasmanian devils although devils are generally known for their cantankerous disposition.

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do tasmanian devils eat humans
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Devils have acute sense of smell and they likely dig out fresh human dead bodies but we do not have sufficient evidence to support the argument. People who regularly observe devils claim that Tasmanian devils shake nervously when someone approaches them into the bush. Devils can bite you if you do not hold them properly but their bite isn’t venomous.

Tasmanian devils do not seem to do well in captivity as they less likely to respond in a way typical pets do.

It is reasonable to assume that Tasmanian devils are not the predators of humans in fact it’s the other way round. Humans have long been hunting devils for numerous purposes.

In 1970, in the New South Wales scientists found a 7000-year-old male human skeleton wearing a necklace. The necklace had 178 teeth in total that belonged to as many as 49 Tasmanian devils. According archaeologists, the necklace is probably much older than the skeleton and massive devil’s hunting might have brought it to extinction on the mainland Australia.

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